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Seamless Gutters

GCGS specializes in 6-inch seamless K-style gutters. Mobile, Alabama is “The Wettest City in America” with annual precipitation averaging above 67 inches per year. In these extremely wet environments, it is most important you protect you home with high quality, durable and long lasting products. Our 6-inch pre-finished aluminum gutters hold 40% more water than 5-inch gutters. These gutters are much better suited for our extraordinarily rainy climate.  We use only the highest quality aluminum, made in by Senox Corporation. Senox offers a 50 year warranty on all of their products. In addition to the highest quality aluminum, Senox offers over 30 color options to choose from, making it easy to fit a perfect match to the exterior of your home. GCGS also offers a 10 year end cap to end cap installation warranty to ensure the quality of our installation.

All images on our website are homes we've upgraded with seamless gutters.

Why do you need seamless gutters?

Protect your home, protect yourself from costly damage.

- Saves Landscaping/grass around home

- Prevents brick/siding from staining/mold and mildew growth

- Increases overall appeal of exterior

- Prevents water falls in valleys of roof which causes a number of problems

- Controls flow of water from roof to desired destination t

- Prevents costly fascia damage to home

- Prolongs life of decks, porches and concrete walk/driveways

- Helps get water away from home to protect the foundation

- Protects erosion.

Upgrade the look of your home with a classy addition.

Seamless gutters are a 100% upgrade to the exterior of your home when installed by a professional. The K-style seamless gutters are designed to imitate the look of crown molding. We have over 30 colors to choose from so getting right color for your home will not be an issue. Whether you want your gutters to be camouflaged on your home or use them as an accent color, we can help you out. Downspouts will be placed in the most aesthetically pleasing locations while still being able to operate efficiently to protect your home and its foundation.

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